Lessons of 45 or 60 minute

The online method allows great time flexibility. Do not hesitate to tell us when you would like to meet your future teacher.


The teachers of Idea Verona are all native Italian and have many years experience teaching to foreign students. They are examiners of PLIDA certification and they also work together with international universities specializing in Italian culture and language courses. The qualified teacher that will assist you in your course will work with you to design a study plan that fits perfectly with your needs whilst helping you improve your communication skills. Each lesson is “tailor made” to the needs and expectations of the people attending the course because what really matters is you.

You love Italy and you want to come over for a holiday, for study or for work and you would like to manage to do all that by yourself? You have already studied Italian and you would like to continue practicing for personal reasons or for a certificate? Do you have to prepare for a job, which requires you to speak Italian, and you would like to make a good impression?

Do you live in Italy but you would prefer to attend an online course comfortably from your home, your office or even from a bench in a park? You live abroad but you would like a mother tongue Italian teacher? Anywhere you can find an Internet connection, you can find us and our teachers ready to help you out.

The online method allows great time flexibility. Do not hesitate to tell us when you would like to meet your future teacher. We only ask you to let us know 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel a lesson. Whatever your level of Italian, you can get ready for your adventure using a more comfortable and fun method.

Idea Verona uses the best videoconference technologies for their online courses, allowing files to be shared quickly and safely. We have employed this technology for years and it has never let us down. We are sorry we can’t offer you a cappuccino as well but you’ll be able to have a taste of Italy by connecting with us!

45 min. LESSON € 38,00, 60 min. LESSON  € 46,00, . The study material, emailed exercises and private chat are included in the price of every lesson. You can request for as many lessons as you want. Do you want to learn Italian online with us? Book a date and number of lessons you’d like. We’ll be in touch in a click! Contact us and we’ll create a customized program just for you!

Some offers:

  • In-depth analysis of professional languages.
  • Suggestions for learning grammar in an easy way.
  • Programs to improve your day-to-day communication skills.
  • Text corrections
  • Getting ready for exams or interviews

  • Non-formal conversation to keep the language well exercised.

Our operators will provide you with all the information necessary to adhere to the special offer.

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The school will be closed from 22th December 2024 to 7th January 2025.

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