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Idea Verona helps the student to complete documents required for obtaining a visa or a residence permit for study purposes. Citizens from non-EU countries and which require an entry visa to enter Italy can enrol in and attend a course provided they have a visa

For stays up to 90 days. A TOURISM visa can be issued not only by a Consulate of Italy, but also by a Consular Representation from any country that has acceded to the Schengen treaty and is valid for staying in all of these countries, regardless of which country issued it.

Essential for periods that exceed 90 days. A STUDY visa can only be issued by the Italian Consulate (or by the Consular Section of the Italian Embassy) responsible for the territory in the applicant's country of residence. Idea Verona provides valid declarations to obtain a study visa at the Italian Embassy in the student's country. Below are the prerequisites and the procedure to follow in order to start the visa application procedure:

  1. Enrol in the school by filling in the enrolment form
  2. Pay the entire amount of the chosen courses and send by e_mail a copy of the payment proof.
  3. The school will send the student the necessary documents for the visa by mail
  4. Visit your country's Embassy to apply for a study visa with the original documents sent by the school along with all the other personal documents required by the Embassy: a) a document certifying that the student possesses sufficient financial means to live (provide proof of personal economic resources, or prove to be financially guaranteed by a third party) b) health insurance c) a document certifying that the student possesses the required sum of money to return to his country, or has already bought a valid return ticket d) has adequate housing
  5. Inform the school if you have obtained a visa thus officially confirming enrolment for the course.

We emphasize that in some countries the time required to obtain a visa can be quite long, so it is advisable to contact the Consulate well in advance of the dates on which you wish to attend the course.

  • The course date for which the student has obtained a visa may not be changed or cancelled, and every declaration must correspond to a specific course in which the student is enrolled.
  • Students who fail to obtain a visa are entitled:
    • reimbursement of the paid fee  excluding the registration fee of EUR 25.00 + € 100 for secretarial expenses when Idea Verona receives a copy of the visa refusal document.
    • reimbursement of the paid fee deposit excluding the registration fee of € 25.00 + 15% of the total amount of the course period for which the visa was requested in the absence of the visa refusal document
  • Students waiting for a visa must inform the school immediately of any arrival date delays or changes.
  • Students who enroll in multiple courses may not use the deposit from one course to pay off the course for a shorter period after they have received a student visa.
Residence permits for study
Idea Verona helps students to fill out the paperwork necessary to obtain a residence permit for study purposes. Below are the procedures to follow and documents required to request a residence permit. By virtue of the agreement between the Interior Ministry and Poste Italiane SPA, pursuant to art. 39, paragraph 4a of the Law of 16 January 2003, no. 3, as amended by art. 1d Law 12 November 2004, no. 271:
  • The student must submit requests for the issuance of a permit for non-EU citizens using the yellow stripe form available at all post offices, Patronatos and enabled Municipalities.
  • When submitting the application, the student must pay a € 30.00 fee, as established by Decree of the Interior Minister on 12 October 2005.
  • In accordance with their obligations under REG.CE no.1030 of 13 June 2002, which institutes a uniform format for residence permits, with effect from 1 January 2006 electronic residence permits are expected to be issued in lieu of paper ones. By decree of the Economy and Finance Minister, in consultation with the Interior Minister, the issuance of an electronic residence permit is set at € 27.50. Payment shall be made through pre-printed post office checking account postal forms, available at post offices able to receive the requests and payable at any post office.

  1. Yellow stripe kit filled out and signed by the student
  2. Photocopy of entire passport
  3. A copy of the statement certifying the study course to follow, certified by the Italian Diplomatic/Consular at the time of issue of the visa;
  4. A copy of the insurance policy, valid throughout the country, for the duration of the residence permit, against the risk of illness and/or injury.



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