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Idea Verona is a leading institution in teaching the Italian language and culture to international students from around the world. For over 20 years, Idea Verona has organized exceptional courses from the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and even near-fluency conversation for students interested in perfecting the Italian language for study or work. With a strong cultural connection to the city of Verona, Idea Verona offers students the opportunity to discover the Italian language and culture with a range of learning approaches that allow students to participate in exciting activities and events in authentic contexts with other students, instructors and native Italian speakers.

Italian Language Courses

Idea Verona offers Italian language courses for all learning levels at our institution and online with an expert teaching team of native speaker instructors. Idea Verona Italian language courses are organized according to the guidelines of the European Community from beginner to advanced levels of language (A1-C2) and all students receive a certificate of participation upon successful completion of each course. In addition, as a Dante Alighieri Society authorized testing center for the PLIDA Italian language proficiency test, students interested in taking the PLIDA Italian language proficiency exam to earn certification can do so directly at Idea Verona!


The school provides its non-resident students with an accommodation search and booking service.


Idea Verona helps the student to complete documents required for obtaining a visa or a residence permit for study purposes.


Many services are at your disposal: Language exchanges, Student card, Secretariat...


Idea Verona Academic Institute is proud to offer a full-scale study abroad program in the heart of the historic center of Verona with specialized academic courses, general education courses and internship programs in Italian language, culture and history, business and tourism, education and music. Learn from expert faculty in engaging courses and go on-site in unique visits that provide students with inva-luable, real-world experience in their field in and around the beautiful city of Verona.


"Words can’t describe what an incredible experience I have had at Idea Verona, as well as in my host family home! I am a student at The University of Illinois in the United States, and came to Idea Verona through a study abroad program. Idea Verona has proved to be the perfect fit for me, as well as many other students, because of its unique ability to immerse students into the Italian culture. The classroom structure has helped me to develop sufficient language skills, which in a short time, has allowed me to adequately communicate with locals. The teachers and staff at Idea Verona are very knowledgeable, and have not only expanded my education but have also acted as mentors and friends. Studying at Idea Verona has been a remarkable experience, filled with unforgettable Italian knowledge and memories. I look forward to embarking on another journey at Idea Verona in the near future!! "

- Jordan

"Vi ringrazio ancora per la cura e la gentilezza che mi avete dato in questo periodo di studio. Siete anche bravi insegnanti che mi avete corretto bene sull’italiano per cui mi sono migliorata e l’ho imparato felicemente, perciò adesso riesco a scriverti una bella lettera, e sono davvero contenta percheè anche il mio ragazzo mi ha detto dei complimenti, ho più confidenza quando parlo, sbaglio meno e posso comprendere meglio quando qualcuno mi parla, mi sono buttata per impararlo e non ho sprecato il tempo pertanto ho ottenuto quello che voglio.Grazie ancora molto, alla fine vi saluto, buon lavoro, buono studio e buon anno felice!"

- Lee

"I did not speak Italian prior to spending a semester abroad in Verona, yet I was determined to learn as much of the language as possible during my time thereI began partaking in conversation sessions with a Veronese local named Elisa. We spend time together frequently and I had the opportunity to experience the Verona that she knew; she introduced me to local restaurants, shopping spots, and shared miscellaneous information on Italian culture that I would not have been aware of otherwise. "

- Laila

"I had a really incredible experience studying at Idea Verona. The quality of the teachers was very impressive and the courses I took were fun and educational. I'll never forget my time here, thanks for an amazing semester!"

- Rebecca

"My time here at Idea Verona has been far too quick. Even though I attended this fantastic school for over three months, I felt as if it had only been a moment due to the sheer fact that I was having a blast the entire time! Whether it was learning the Italian language from the enthusiastic instructors or painting a marvelous fresco with the exceptionally skilled painting teacher, I always had a smile on face. Optimism never left my side while at Idea Verona; and this was because the school offered such a great versatility during its courses. In Art History for example, I was not just stuck in the classroom for two hours. I was fortunate to travel to three cities full of Culture and diversity. All in all, the atmosphere of this establishment is incredibly light-hearted due to the lovely faculty and the well structured courses."

- James








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